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From the design phase to the execution phase, "FeedBack Software" is with you throughout

Why Choose FeedBack's Software Development Services?

Because of the experience, because of the versatility of the team, because of the simplicity, because of the creativity, because of the latest technology. Because we all love challenges and code.

We believe in developing the company’s products with a built-in methodology, with emphasis on simplicity of use, providing quality and real added value, and characterization that accompanies field professionals with extensive field work and identifying significant business potential.

Key Areas of Practice:

Data Security



Big Data


User Expiriance

User-oriented programs that provide the ideal experience to be characterized by business and application needs

Advanced security

Information Security Developers. Every program works best and securely to the highest standards

Hybrid app development

Characterizing a user-oriented program, which is based on user research and competing in the most thorough and professional way

FeedBack Software Selected Projects

Henrietta Szold Institute (Ministry of Education)

Distributed Information Management and Stastic System

Jerusalem Radion

Radio listening app and automatic integration to broadcasting

Ynet - Yediot Aharonot

Development of all network applications

Feedback management and contact with the public

Digital election management system


Developing an app with a smart pointer system

Elector Election Management

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