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Feedback is a designated system for various elected officials, including: parliament members, mayors, council members, heads of organizations, and more. 
The system helps maintain communication with voters and enables them to contact their elected representatives through a variety of methods.

Customized especially for you

Feedback was designed  for maximum flexibility, with the understanding that each person has his own work methods. Our team will assist you with consultation and customization of the system to meet your needs.

Efficient receipt of inquiries

A unique interface for receiving messages from residents via SMS, email, landing page, Facebook (with chat bots), and forwarding them to the appropriate department.

Automatic task classification

Automatic distribution of messages and tasks to the relevant departments, with customized classifications.

Analytics and insights

The system performs segmentation and data analysis to help you move forward and streamline with the residents.

Keep in touch

Use landing pages, newsletters, and messages to contact all residents or groups according to flexible segmentation. 

Resident events database

Tool for event management. Stay updated and congratulate your residents on the days that matter to them.

Role distribution

A smart permissions system will allow you to create user profiles with exposure to only the  content you choose. 

Always protected and secure

The system is equipped with the most advanced security measures, including built-in CF solutions, data decentralization and encryption, two-step-verification and more. 

Synchronization with social networks

An application for each assistant for managing daily activity in the office and in the field, including a smart message system that synchronizes with Google, Facebook, social media and landing pages. 

Newsletter and landing page system

Create landing pages and designed emails easily using readymade templates or personalizes designs, so you can send updates about your activities and achievements. Because if no one knows you’ve done it, you haven’t done it…

Local events reminder

Birthdays, weddings, and the like… congratulations are in order! Our reminder system enables automatic and manual sending of messages for such occasions from within the management system. Residents will appreciate the effort and you as well. 

See how FeedBack

Feedback from any screen, anywhere

Feedback interfaces perfectly with all platforms. Now you can improve your response times, and open and close inquiries directly from the field. 

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Recommendations from our satisfied customers

This user-friendly interface enables continuous monitoring of the pace of advancement by streaming accurate real-time data. I want to thank the entire company for providing optimal, high- quality, and accurate services at all times and with close assistance. 

Raz Kinstalich
Mayor, Rishon LeZion

This system has proven itself  in terms of both reliability and human resources. Its contribution to our communication with the public is significant, and it definitely takes organizations one step forward.

Eyal Ben-Simhon
Political Advisor

This system is easy to use. We were especially impressed by its flexibility and the ability to make adjustments on the go.

Yair Revivo
Mayor of Lod

This system has proven itself as a stable and reliable system with a spectacular user experience that allows me to maximize potential. 

Itsik Shmuli
Member of Knesset

A great software with excellent performance. My assistants and I use it on a routine basis. 

Moshe Atias
Deputy Mayor of Ashkelon

The leading team

Tzur Yamin

Technological consultant to the Technion Institute and has 12 years of experience in the development world. Graduate of Computer Science and Mathematics. A gadget lover a little exaggerated and waiting for the Liverpool Championship every year.

Shay Givaty

Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at Ashkelon Academy, with extensive experience as a systems engineer in complex software systems. He would never refuse a dose of shawarma and a sworn doco-lover.

Haim Sofer

He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and mathematics, and a master’s degree in economics and business administration.
An extensive career and a rich history of managing large organizations, including financial, public and security bodies.

Sigal Kobeiko

Rich experience in product development and management world. Among other things, she manages the company’s service system. Kibbutzneck from birth and you will not notice how many hours passed from the time a beach towel was spread.

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A flagship product of “FeedBack Software L.T.D.” FeedBack was created by software development professionals who are also engaged in the political arena.

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